Become a Wikkan

We need 36  35  34 volunteers – Wikkans. Each volunteer will check the news media on just 10 days a year, and add any corporate misdeeds to Wikipedia and to the Wikko database.

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Points mean privileges

You get 10 points when you sign up.

Then you receive 50 more points for each story you successfully place or update on Wikipedia.

– 10 points for signing up
– 50 for 1 story placed
– 350 for 7 stories
– 600 for 12 stories
– 1,300 for 26 stories
– 2,600 for 52 stories

The Wikko system assigns you a Role and a badge, depending on the number of points you have amassed. They are as follows:

Points achieved
in the last year
10ResearcherNo badge
350-599Special Agent
2,600 or moreProsecutor

Special Agents and above will have mentoring roles. Detectives and above will have admin/editing status. Anyone reaching the level of Detective will receive a metal pin badge.

Is it difficult to add content to Wikipedia?

No, it’s really simple. Wikipedia has a ‘visual editor’ that works like Microsoft Word. You just paste your content in, and click Save. Then you add a link. We will train you in the following skills:

  • Where to find articles
  • How to add content to Wikipedia
  • Wikipedia’s requirements (article minimum length and the need for at least one reference)
  • How to add a reference in Wikipedia
  • The need for an objective tone of voice.
  • How to craft an article.
  • How to assess the validity of a story (we have a checklist)

We will also assign you a mentor when you start.

Note: Wikipedia editors can brusquely and casually reject articles they don’t think meet their standards. This can be off-putting. Women suffer more than men in finding the editing of Wikipedia dispiriting. See this New Statesman article.

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