What we don’t do



We don’t undertake or commission new research. There are plenty of NGOs and news organisations that produce information and reports. The real need is to uncover these articles and put them into the public realm that is Wikipedia. No one is doing that. As a result, too much information quickly disappears.

Types of article

Politics. The Wikko system is about identifying bad corporate behaviour, not about the daily round of left-right policies and agendas.

Individuals. We don’t add articles about the bad behaviour of individuals, such as politicians or celebrities, unless the bad behaviour relates to their controlling role in an organisation.

Industrial disputes. We don’t generally add articles about strikes and similar industrial action, because they may or may not be justified. The exception is where the organisation is clearly behaving badly (for example, treating the workforce as ‘self employed’ when they evidently are not). The same would apply if there was evidence that the trade union was behaving badly.

Health and safety incidents. Accidents will always happen. The exception is where the corporation can be shown to have been consistently and recklessly negligent or careless, for example where it has a bad safety record.